“B” Course – This is for supervisors of Processing and Type V facilities, etc. - 30 Hours

This course introduces the student to today’s basic concepts to manage municipal solid waste.  These management practices have evolved from experiences, needs of the community, and available technology.  To insure the community's residuals are handled so no public health or environmental problems result, the State of Texas and local communities have enacted municipal solid waste laws with implementing regulations.  These laws and subsequent regulations are based on federal laws and regulations.  This course is intended to present these management concepts, how they evolved, and then, study the existing regulations and regulatory process.  This course is TEXAS COMMISSION ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY approved.  The course materials were designed by Texas Environmental Training and Compliance (TETC) to make the students more effective solid waste supervisors for their organization and community.  The course focuses on Solid Waste Management techniques and real life problem solving skills to raise the efficiencies of their facilities.

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