The First Time You Login

You will get a pop-up box asking you to agree to our terms. This screen will appear only once - the first time you login. The agreement will be logged into the database.

When you click on your class or your test, you will be prompted for your social security number which we captured when you logged on the first time. (It’s in your profile). There is also a notice stating repeated training within the renewal period will not result in credit. If the class times out or you exit for any reason, you must repeat this screen.

Note to State of Texas - we probably do not have this information for you - so if you try to enter your social security number - there will be no match. You will not be able to proceed. But for normal users who purchase the course, it will be there.

The State of Texas may go into your Account Info (down arrow next to question mark in User Profile screen) and update your information there, including the social security number if you wish to proceed and retake the class or test.